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Character Counter




January 26, 2023
Analysis tools for web positioning

Character Counter Tool

Use our multitasking character counter tool with workspaces by pages and whiteboards accessible from the web and mobile browser.

The tool is structured in blackboards which allows us to compare several texts to determine the best result in terms of the amount of characters required for positioning strategies:

> SEO: Search engine optimization.
> SEM: Search Engine Marketing.
> ASO: Optimization in application stores.
> Social media.

It is also helpful for students, university students, professionals, digital marketers, social media administrators, entrepreneurs, web developers, digital communicators, journalists and people in general who need to know the number of characters a text contains.

* It is made clear that the word counter tool in its public version does not save the texts entered as notes, so after closing the web browser you will not be able to retrieve the text entered on the work boards.